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Wynter Gordon > With The Music I Die > 9 - Back To You

I can be so vain, so cold sometimes, it's true
I'm such a fool, you don't know that when I'm laying
That I touch myself to you,
All the greatly thoughts my mind designed to cut the loneliness
When I push away my one true chance to live in hapiness

It always comes back to you
It always comes back to you

I'm afraid to stop and rest my head, to put my trust in us
I'm a fabolous example of an exhausted wanderer
I can walk all day and smile and say that this yeah, is success
But it don't mean shit unless you're here and you're not
and I'm a mess

I took you for granted, I spit in your face
And I let you shadow me with love then throw it away
Now I miss your heartbeat, and I miss your face
And I miss just lying there with you
a part of your space

Always comes back to you, Always comes back to you,....





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