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Wulfgar > With Gods and Legends Unite > 3 - Weapons of Flesh

Axes leaves fresh wounds
Rips my bones apart
Leaving my life with agony
And I hope soon to die in battle

Many years has passed
Leaving scars in my flesh
This old body been through
Through much pain in life
A life full of struggles
And victories far away at sea
I've been stabbed with knives
I've been cut by swords


We do, what expected of us
We do, what we grow up to do
We do, what we can do
We do, what we're meant to do

Many scars will heal
And the history will reveal
That warrios will prevail
In their lethal way to sail
A wish most of us have
Warriors like us carries
A burden gets heavier
After every encounter with war

We use or bodies as weapons of war




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