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Wulfgar > With Gods and Legends Unite > 6 - This Pagan Blood

For victory we'll fight and for victory we'll die
We march into battle and there's thunder in the sky
Our enemies retreat, filled with madness in their eyes
They fall by our steel and they run for their lives

The battlefield is red by the blood of all dead
We hunt them all down and make trohies of their heads
Fight without fear, fight with no mercy
And no man will ever shed this pagan

Blood, this pagan blood

For glorious death we ride into war
Our Enemies shall die by the steel of our swords
The northmen is here, twisted and disturbed
Christians beware, this bloodthirsty horde

Into cold darkness these pagans shall fight
Nothing can bury their freedom or might
Carved into runes, their names shall be known
The were the men that was truly of pagan

Blood, this pagan blood




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