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Wulfgar > With Gods and Legends Unite > 11 - Brothers of War (Into Valhalla They Ride)

In the ashes of war
Where the battle once raged
Our brothers now sleep in pride

They all have fought
To honour our gods
Now into Valhalla they ride

For the blood they have spilled
For the foes they have killed
We hail our brothers of war
For their strenght and their hate
For their bows and their blades
We raise our ales and hail
Our brothers of war
Brothers of war

Where the dragons do fly
The heros now eat
With gods and legends unite

They fought with steel
And in battle they died
Now into Valhalla they ride

Into Valhalla greetened by gods
Honoured and hailed by the men of Asgard
Into Valhalla where legends are made
Hold your head high while you march through the gate





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