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Wiz Khalifa > Star Power - Mixtape > 1 - I'm A Star

[feat. Johnny Juliano]

[Wiz Khalifa:]
See there's a big difference between the star life and your life hahaha me I live the star life you smell it when I come through...
Yeahhhh what up taylor gang! yup, it's the captain of the spaceship... star power... young khalifa man... mr spacely

[Verse 1:]
Yeah and you know that but you can't stand I, t out of this world I'm from a different planet,
See how I landed?, big ol chain on, tight ass white tee, black chuck tays on, I make great songs, my shit classic, see ya'll cd... walk right passed it, calm me acid that's how I do ya'll heat niggas up till I can see right through ya'll, never slipped out goons right by me, hear niggas talk shit but they don't try me can't do front door don't got I.d straight up the elevator to the V.I.P, drink my drink up, blow my weed smoke, bitch don't say shit let my team poh, bout my money you see me grinding, there go a hater YOU SEE ME SHININ?

When I come through watch me put my game on, fresh from my head down big ass chain on this my life it's gon shine bright, yaa I am a star looks like my car they know who I am I'm seeing it from a far don't act like you know I know just who you are admit it or you don't cause baby I'm a star

[Verse 2:]
Rocks in my charm look like boulders young rich so my hos much older, me I'm cleaned up, tats all over, know I'm getting it. home girl told her? no not sober, need my weed lit, keep my blunt rolled, ain't no secret, roll like 3 zips, me and po run, brand new guccis, big ass chain on, where my plane goin? down Miami, sun gon tan me, palm trees fan me, takin pictures where my fans be, niggas sit down, they can't stand me straight from the burgh taylor gang my family, hustle heavy that's why we cakin, get my shine on that's why they hatin, as soon as I pull up ya'll can't say shit




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