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Witchery > Witchkrieg > 4 - Conqueror's Return

Hooves approaching, thunderous sound
A million feet march shake the ground
Endless lines - the banner fly
A conqueror's might - you shan't defy

With scales o steel - the dragon's tail
Leagues of men who will prevail
A trail of death, distraught and war
On a scale of hell not seen before

Scouts fly out with eagle's eyes
Lead the way to foe's demise
Scorch and burn his traits of choice
Bend the knee and embrace the foist

Conqueror... conqueror's return
Conqueror... it's the conqueror's return

Enforce his yoke with sword in hand
Iron will through supreme command
Born to vanquish - to ravage the earth
Raised to rule from the day of his birth


Face the conqueror
Greet the conqueror
Heed the conqueror
Obey the conqueror
Please the conqueror
Serve the conqueror
Praise the conqueror
Fear the conqueror





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