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Witchery > Don't Fear the Reaper > 7 - Damned In Hell

Burn, you're burning in Hell covered with
Sulphur you gag on the gas
Fired to a cross with a million nails,
Grinding the slave - slave to the grind
Thill - Enjoy
Yes, it's true
You might as well make the best of your fate
Damned in Hell
Damned in Hell

Sold, you sold your own soul.
You claimed out the price was too high
Semmingly peaceful, resting in your grave
Regret your deal, as the skin melts away

Ignite - Low - Shine
A human beacon in body and mind
Damned in Hell
Damned in Hell

Burning emberes of human flesh,
Open caskets form an endless mesh
Gigantic furnace of divine design, a bottomless gorge swallows all in line
Damned souls burning chasm demons laugh
Working fast
Line is long much to do...
Wait your turn they're coming for you
Damned in Hell
Damned in Hell
Damned in Hell




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