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Whitney Houston > The Bodyguard > 5 - Queen Of The Night

i've got the stuff that you want
i've got the thing that you need
I got more than enough
To make you drop to your knees
Cuz I'm the queen of the night
Queen of the night oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah yeah

Don't make no difference
If I'm wrong or I'm right
I've got the feeling
That I'm willing tonight
Well I ain't nobody's angel
What can I say?
Well I'm just that way

Repeat Chorus
Just say say it again

You got a problem with the way that I am
They say I'm trouble
And I don't give a damn
But when I bad I know I'm better
I just wanna get you
And turn it up for you

Repeat Chorus
Just say say it again

(Guitar Solo)

Repeat Chorus (2X)




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