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Whitney Houston > My Love Is Your Love > 13 - I Was Made to Love Him

Hey, hey, hey
Sing it for me y'all!

See I was born in Newark (sure was)
Drive from Orchard Park now
We were always hand in hand
He wore high top shoes and shirt tails
Nip wore her pigtails
I knew I loved him even then

You know some disapproved it
They even boohooed it
But I told them time and time and time again
You know I was made to love him
Build my world around him
Hey, hey, hey

He's been my inspiration, showed appreciation
For the love I gave him through the years
Like a sweet magnolia tree
My love blossomed tenderly
My love grew sweeter through the years
I know my baby loves me (my baby loves me)
My baby needs me (needs me)
That's why we've made it through the years

I was made to love him
Worship and adore him, yes say
Hey, hey, hey

All through thick and thin
Our love just won’t end
But I love my baby, love my baby, oh

My baby loves me
My baby needs me
I know I ain’t going nowhere
I was just a little thing
The love bug hit me
I had the fever with each passing year
If all should tumble
And the whole world crumble
By his side I’ll still be standing, yeah

Cause I was made to love him
Made meant for him, say
Hey, hey, hey
I was made to love him
Build my world all around him say
Hey, hey, hey

I love my baby
Nip ain’t going nowhere
Say hey, hey, hey

(Ad lib until fade)




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