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We Came As Romans > Dreams > 3 - Shapes

I am just everyone i've ever met and the reason why wars are fought.
i am why blood is shed. the cause of soldier's deaths.
i've sent my envy over seas.
to dark alleys and abandoned streets.
to seep through to unprotected eyes.
to harden hearts. to make them cold.

we've sculpted ourselves into machines.
we've shaped our love into greed.

we are the clone of a clone.
the cause of broken homes. the thought of being alone.
we've fallen further than we know.

we've sent our lust through these wires.
to show that all we are, are liars.
to seep through to unsuspecting lives.
to break them clean just for our own gain.

dispel the serpent's lie. unveil what we need to see.
break through this blueprint and speak to me.

we are worth more than this earth.
i am worth more than this earth.
we are more than this world.
i will show them an image of you.
you are worth more than this earth.
i will send my love as far as i can.
to unveil what we need to see.
until my last breath from my exhausted chest has left.

love holds no record of wrongs




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