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War for war > War is the only way > 1 - Father Of All Beings

There is no day,which can be saved from the anger
of deepest pits of hell
There is no day,where Satan-Lord did'nt throw
the shadow of his wings to earth
Black light glows against the moon on a night sky,
visions are in darkness
Mountain winds carry the calls of devils about
Satan's eternal life, father of all beings

Blood of people flows under blades of Lord
Moloch, the son of war
Thoughts of open wounds change into everyday
Satan and Moloch together form an undivided unit
in war
No other emperor will ever gain such overpowering
evil power

A stone table is surrounded by sitting figures, they
eat meat
They are master tasters, they feed on the deaths of
their holy enemies
They are satanists, they know who their lord is
very well
They sit outside around a pentagram and hold an
unholy black mass

War topples christian thoughts
War is carried out above the earth's bowels
War torments christian souls
War is led by father Satan

Look lord at your own failure
Your last hour in this song is ticking away
I the next Satan will kill you likewise
There is'nt remorse on any side

In a sea of blood doctors are drowning with holy
crosses on their necks
Their school did'nt give them anything else, than no
They die under the strain of christ, like he himself
Satans reich grows like hate in war




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