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Waltari > Space Avenue > 4 - Progression

machines start to ruin your poise / you see the damage, you hear the noise / damage - damn age, you see the light and then the next page / progression is the way to go / but who takes care if you flow / if I'm ready for today, my mind is on the way / lose yourself to the windows pages / the files of internal rages / "the new brave" await but you lose your grip / in a hallucination trip / amen we are the new breed / and we heave to follow our time / but ussualy the masses will only fail / if they follow the only sign / you don't wanna stop (the way you're going) / you don't wanna stop (the way you don't care) / you don't wanna stop (the way you're exploding) / you don't wanna care coz you are dead! / what is your life




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