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Cityshamaani - Sympathy
There is no way to follow me
Asking my name is threatening me
Always ready to talk to the passers-by
The way they look - I am simplified...

I'll get bored of just being here
I've kept holding on so long
I keep searching for the exit
To feel alive beyond the tears

Small shop windows are churning out
All kinds of dolls with frozen smiles
But I can't see any of my kind...
Except the bright lights of the streets... or my mind

I've been told: Life's a phobia
But like a bold ne, I still feel my utopia
I will go on for my melodia
Keeping my mind in insomnia

Sirens calling and I tell them to come soon
Everyday they're calling night time...
Silence calls when I feel down and heaven lingers on
in the dawn; a real dawn!

Naked in the dawn we fly into the night
Wasted in the fog we cry for the light
While I'm closing in... closing inside
While I'm closing inside... i nevery way

With a faded scarf on his head
he tries to infiltrate
to the crowd cover his red eyes of yesterday,
under his rasta hair

To be free in jail...

What's it to be like a big dipper, a teen whore scream?
That's not what I believe in...
though just to be high, used to be cruel
Don't wanna be just high and tied to the flashlights and strobos of mind

I don't feel that I belong in here
Right, I, beneath the chrome metal escalators, I, (hi!), don't feel that I belong in here





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