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Cityshamaani - Colgate County Showdown
I was invited to that dark concrete building
Veins on my forehead banging, had emptied my battery
What do they want from me? I owe them nothing
I was raised by TV and computer action-games
I live alone, doing 0.K.
Why should I give them everything now?
I could keep on living in peace if they'd just let me be

Dear boy, we called you then,
we need the proof that you are our friend
It is time to fill your duty for this community!

We can't watch you no more being no man
Forgotten all the good advice from your mom'n'dad?
If you got no money, you ain't got no brain
If you go on like this, you'll become insane

We won't watch it like this another day
If you're not on my side, you're my enemy
Now it's time to choose your final way
come with us or we'll kick you out!

I'm not your humble servant, you're not my real master,
though my life will be like this: One hell of a tester
I will choose my way for free
and preserve the pure naturality
Although it dangers my destiny, I'm ready, if I fall... just take me

I'll keep on fighting for the room I have
You just can't take it from me, try to understand
It's unfair to judge me for the way I am
As long as I won't harm anyone in this can

Kick my brains out!






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