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Waltari > Blood Sample > 16 - Wide Awake

Wide Awake

Wide awake
  full of faith and destiny
Am I safe?

You´re away
  The red wine makes me fall into sleep
I´m awake
  I can´t sleep coz I´m worrying again

Wide awake
  With passion I build up my world
every day
  having espresso in a cafe
I ride
  Where I ride I don´t really know
It´s inside
  It´s inside but outside it´s also nice

I seek for adventures, to go very far
Further than distance, with my Jaguar

Wish I could see myself
Wish I could pray for us today
The stories are for kids,
but this is pure reality, just like you
just like me
An old lady sits in a corner
with some wisdom on her face
She has a long story to tell,
an ugly life with full discrace..on her face

Wide awake
I know there´s always a way
I need to see all the cards of fate
I sway
by the beauty of the shores of Seine
I´m insane
It´s inside but outside it´s also nice

I always come back, and I always leave,
looking for something, wish I could be healed


Wide awake, let me stay




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