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The Damned

2008So, Who's Paranoid?
2001Grave disorder
1996I'm alright Jack and the beanstalk
1995Not of this Earth
1980The black album
1979Machine gun etiquette
1977Damned damned damned
1977Music for pleasure


2006The Best Of The Damned - Total Damnation
2005Play it at your sister (cd 1)
2005Play it at your sister (cd 2)
2005Play it at your sister (cd 3)
2005The Black Album - Deluxe Edition
2004Machine gun etiquette : 25th anniversary edition
2004Neat neat neat - The alternative anthology
2004Punk generation - Best of oddities & versions
2002Best of the damned
2002Smash it up - The anthology 1976-1987
2000The pleasure and the pain : Selected highlights 1982-1991
1999Boxed CD set 1
1999Boxed CD set 2
1999The super best of the damned
1997Born to kill
1997The chaos years
1996Neat neat neat CD Box set
1996The radio one sessions
1995From the beginning
1995Gun fury
1994Eternally damned - The very best of the damned
1993Sessions of the damned
1993Tales from the damned
1992Damned busters
1992Skip off the school to see the damned
1992The MCA singles A's & B's
1992Totally damned
1991Alternative chartbusters
1990Chiswick singles
1990Chiswick years
1990Super best collection
1990The collection
1990The worst of the damned
1989Peel sessions
1988Best of vol 1/2 - The long lost weekend
1987Mindless, directionless, energy
1987The light at the end of the tunnel
1986Damned but not forgotten
1986Lively arts
1981The best of the damned


2007Return To The 100 Club
2006Noise Noise Noise : The Live Box Set (cd 1)
2006Noise Noise Noise : The Live Box Set (cd 2)
2006Noise Noise Noise : The Live Box Set (cd 3)
2006Noise Noise Noise : The Live Box Set (cd 4)
2006Noise Noise Noise : The Live Box Set (cd 5)
2001Live anthology
2000Molten lager
1999Eternal damnation live
1999Live at the lyceum ballroom 1981
1997Fiendish shadows
1995Noise - The best of the damned live
1993Live - The school bullies
1992Ballroom blitz - Live at the Lyceum
1989Final damnation
1986Not the Captain's birthday party?
1986The Captain's birthday party - Live at the Roundhouse
1983Live at Newcastle
1982Live Shepperton 1980

singly a EP

2011'Not For Sale' EP
2010A Nation Fit For Heroes
2005Little miss disaster
2004Smash It Up CD Single
1998Disco Man
1998Looking At You
1996Shut It
1991Fun Factory
1987Alone Again Or
1987In Dulce Decorum
1986The Peel Sessions
1985Grimly Fiendish
1985Is It A Dream
1985Is It A Dream
1985New Rose
1985The Shadow Of Love
1984Thanks For The Night
1983There Ain't No Sanity Clause (Remix)
1982Dozen Girls
1982Lovely Money
1982Wait For The Blackout
1981Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde
1981Friday the 13th
1980Lively Arts
1980The History Of The World Part 1
1980There Ain't No Sanity Clause
1980White Rabbit
1979I Just Can't Be Happy Today
1979Love Song
1979Smash It Up
1977Don't Cry Wolf
1977Neat Neat Neat
1977Problem Child
1977Stretcher Case Baby
1976New Rose


1995Not of this Earth
1980Jam session
1980RMS demos
1980The black album
1979Demos 18/06/79
1979Machine gun etiquette
1979Rehearsals 1979
1976Damned Damned Damned
0000Captain's Demos Vol. 1
0000The Utopia Bootlegs


2005MGE 25
2003Tiki Nightmare - Live in London
1988Final Damnation
1987The Light At The End Of The Tunnel


2006Live Academy, Birmingham 30-04-2006
1987Brixton Academy 20.12.1987
1986Live Hammersmith Palais
1977Rebecca's, Birmingham 17th February 1977
1977The Bataclan Theatre, Paris, France 6th October 1977


2005Strawberries - Deluxe Edition
1993Strawberries [re-edition + bonus tracks]
1983There Ain't No Sanity Clause

 The Damned

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