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The Byrds > Super Hits > 9 - I Wanna Grow Up To Be A Politician

I wanna grow up to be a politician
And take over this beautiful land
I wanna grow up to be a politician
And be the old USofA's number one man

I'll always be tough, I'll never be scary
I want to shoot guns or butter my bread
I'll work on the towns or conservate the prairies
And you can believe the future's ahead

I'll give the young the right to vote
As soon as they mature
But spare the rod and spoil the child
To help them feel secure

And if I win election day
I'll sign the bill to help the poor
To show I'm not snob

I'll open my door, I'm chargin' no admission
And you can be sure I'll give you my hand
I'll be glad you got me in everything I do
And I'll defend until the end
The old red, white and blue

I want to grow up...




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