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The Byrds > Farther Along > 14 - Bag Full Of Money

Floating I'm floating on down through the sky
Never had no ambition to learn how to fly
I'll be glad when it's over and ready to land
With this bag full of money I've got in my hand

Oh I grew up believing in Jesse and Frank
Cause I never had nothin' or noone to thank
And I came pretty close to unloadin' a bank
But I was saved by my draft board who made me a yank

Floating I'm floating...

And in the 101st they busted your hump
But they taught me a man isn't always a chump
In the course of Korea I learned how to jump
In the card game of life I was holding a trump

Floating I'm floating...

If you can't get a job and they think you're insane
If the years of your youth have been washed down the drain
And you wake up some mornin' with nothin' but pain
It was then I decided to grab me a plane

Floating I'm floating...

With all of my training it wasn't too tough
Now I'm through taking orders and all of their guff
Gonna buy a Rolls Royce and some luxury stuff
Cause a veteran's pension ain't nearly enough

Floating I'm floating...




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