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The Byrds > Ballad of Easy Rider > 13 - MaeJean Goes To Hollywood

Honey when I brought you here you said that you would sing(?)
You said that you would win(?) your way to fortune and fame
Now I've given everything to keep you warm and clean
I didn't bat an eye when you changed your name
I'm getting tired of hearing people call you someone else
I'm getting tired of seeing you go to work in the morning and eating
supper by myself
Now this Hollywood producer has offered you the world
He lets you drive his sporty new Camero
Wonder just how many girls he's told that story to
How many dreams have gone away in sorrow
I'm getting tires of biting my nails and pumping gasoline
I'm getting tired of waiting for you to figure out why this city is

Mae Jean run back home with me and I'll go back to working on your
daddy's farm
Mae Jean run back home with me
This wicked cities bound to do us harm
Now all this time I helped you with your promising career
I never said one word about your singing
I just want to let you know that you'll still be my star
If you say goodbye to Hollywood
And do your singing in the shower

Mae Jean run back home with me back to where the air is clean + free
May Jean run back home with me
If this city doesn't get us first it's gonna sink into the sea




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