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The Beatles > Live! at the Star-Club in Hamburg, Germany; 1962 > 6 - Your Feet's Too Big

You’re Feet’s Too Big
Fats Waller Version of Lyrics:

Who's that walkin' round here, Mercy
Sounds like baby patter
Baby elephant patter; thats what I calls it

Say up in Harlem at a table for two
There were four of us
Me, your big feet and you
From your ankles up, I'd say you sure are sweet
From there down; there's just too much feet
Yes, your feets too big
Don't want ya, 'cause ya feets too big
Can't use ya, 'cause ya feets too big
I really hate ya, 'cause ya feets too big

"Do wahs etc"

Where did ya get 'em
Your girl, she likes you, she thinks you're nice
Got what it takes to be in paradise
She said she likes your face
She likes your (rig?)
Man, oh, man, those things are too big
Your feets too big
Don't want cha, 'cause ya feets too big
Mad at you, 'cause your feets too big
I hate you, 'cause your feets too big

My goodness, guns, they're gunboats
shiff shiff shiff
Oh, your petal extremities are colossal
To me you look just like a fossil
Got me walkin', talkin' and squarkin'
'Cause your feets too big
Yeah, come on and walk that thing
Oh, I've never heard of such walkin', mercy

Your petal extremities really are obnoxious
One never knows, do one?




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