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The Beatles > First Live Recordings > 13 - Hully Gully

A there's a dance spreadin' round like an awful disease

(chorus after each line) Hully, Hully Gully

Oh well you shake your shoulders and you wiggle your knees

This dance goin' round from coast to coast

When me an my baby do it, tryin' to do it the most


Momma hully gully,Poppa hully gully,

Baby hully gully too

C'mon lets take a lesson,alright now

Shake your shoulders now,alright

wiggle your knees now... come on WAIL now

Moma hully gully,Baby hully gully

You can hully gully too

Well I went to a party now and what did they do?

Now everybody's doin' it,now why ain't you?

Everybody looks like he's got the space

Just listen here brothers and as all of you take

A Moma hully gully,Poppa hully gully

and baby hully gully too

Momma hully gully, baby hully

You can hully gully too




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