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Survivor > Prime Cuts: The Classic Tracks > 3 - Youngblood

I know what she's doin'
I saw it comin from the start
I've watched her in motion
She's aimin right for my heart
Guess I should know better
But it's hard to refuse
She's got it down to the letter
Struttin' like a school girl
Cocksure, got no doubt on her mind
She always gets what she wants
She gonna get what she needs*

Oooh, Eyes like crazy diamonds
Shinin' like a cat in the dark
The way she's put together
Always seems to tear me apart
Sneakin up behind me
She pulls me deeper under the
spell of her..

( * Repeat)

She, she's not yet a woman
But she's got the power,
If you allow her
Under your skin, she's tyin' her
love to your soul
Soon she'll be takin' control
She's just a

( * Repeat)

With her youngblood, she wraps
it all around you
So tight, that I'm powerless to leave
I'm burning hot
Just get a shot of that
Youngblood, youngblood




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