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Survivor > Prime Cuts: The Classic Tracks > 1 - Whole Town's Talking

Don't you try to make amends
The damage has been done
Don't expect to part as friends
The battle's just begun
I waited at your beckon call
My world turned all around you
I shoulda known the day I found you
You'd be leaving me behind
* The whole town,
the whole town's talkin'
The whole town
The whole town,
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the whole town's talkin'
The whole town*

They're starin as I pass em by
how can they be so cold?
They're whisperin' that I'm the guy
Well I don't need to be told
Remember all the days in love
how could you run to a stranger?
Well I knew I was in danger
When it happened overnight

(* Repeat)
(* Repeat)
(* Repeat and fade)




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