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Sparks > Introducing Sparks > 3 - Ladies

ladies, ladies
on the sofa next to me are dinah shore and sara lee
ladies, ladies
in the backyard climbing trees are princess grace and margaret mead
ladies, ladies

then you pull in the driveway
you've been out shopping
i've got to hide them,
hide, all you ladies
they nod and smile
they're disappearing
they're fading out now
and welcome home my only lady, my only lady

ladies, ladies
jackie's in the powder room
and lois lane will be here soon
ladies, ladies
eva braun is cracking jokes

while joan of arc just sits and smokes
ladies, ladies
then i call up some buddies
hey, come on over
there's ladies present
"we'll be right over"

the ladies hear me
they're disappearing
they're fading out now
my friends say "where are all the ladies, ladies"

ladies, ladies
in my kitchen baking cake is betty crocker
ladies, ladies
dolly parton's in my pool, and aunt jemima's acting cool

ladies, ladies
they're really great in person
they get me going
but i'm not pushy
don't want to blow it
'cause if i blow it
they start a-fading
come back my ladies
where would i be without my ladies


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