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Skarface > Skankuat Nec Mergitur > 10 - Skinhead teasing

Pourquoi, pourquoi ? Pourquoi ne pas arreter ça ?
Pourquoi ne pas s'arreter lr ?
Without any respect you treat me as I was a fool
No matter what I move or do, I should follow your rules
But who from me and you is the one who act cool ?
OK I wear braces, army trousers, bombers jacket
I've tattoos everywhere, sometimes iro, sometimes no hair
But in your 3 pieces suits, don't you feel narrow-minded ?
You're supposed like original, proud to know well your roots
A 69 Skinhead, Ben Shermans and crombi
But you've paid a real lot for this working class look
I'm not less than a shit because I wear the cheapest clothes
I think the real spirit is not fashion, it's like a cause
Who is the real rebel, me or you with your books ?!
You keep criticising the ones who prefer something speed
Trojan is your bible and the rest will have some troubles
But we're in 96, I'm a white and I play what please me
It's like a war and Skinhead teasing
A fight in a brotherhood


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