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Scarab > Valley of the Sandwalkers > 2 - Leaders of Agony

Leaders Of Agony

The leaders of agony dominated your life
Your delusions, your simple minds decorating the lies
In fear you bow down
In weakness you're crying
You think you're liberated
But the fact, you're just a fuckin' slave

For what?
You obey without gaining anything but fuckin' agony

The leaders of agony brain washed you
You blind sheep read between the lines
What's the purpose of the words?
The fact is we're all one, we're all the same
Who made this differences is a sadist bastard who wants to rule over your mind

For what?
I build everything in your name and you bury my name

Set me free you leader of agony
I'm the one who built your kingdom of lies
I'm the one who suffered instead of you
I'm the one who made you for nothing
but agony

You sadist
set me free

So you promised me that fair is what you'll be
So you promised me that you'll give as you took from me
You're a sly king sitting on his throne pretending he's fair
and I'm the one who created you
for nothing
but agony




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