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Scarab > Serpents of the Nile > 5 - Pyramid of Illusions

Infinite meanings behind this holy figure
The base, the heart, and the crown
Symbolizing our creation,
Our mission, and our destiny

The power given within our soul
The divine connection
The will we have to reach our goal
The infinite choices

Come on, choose and create your life
Your free to be anything you want to be
It's just a matter of time,
And your choices will be revealed

A pyramid made from humans
Made of humans
All climbing for illusionary power
Failed to control yourself,
Your life,
Your destiny
You let the stronger control you,
So you could control the weak

For one to win, other must fail
For one to live, other must die
For one to feel heaven, other must feel hell
Is this the meaning of balance in life?

All of them failed
To make humans realize
that the whole is one
The whole is one

It takes one
Just one
To fix and change the whole world
So as is takes to destroy it
Just one
Could ruin it all

It's a perfect circle of heaven and hell,
Trapped inside a pyramid of illusion

And then I realized,
That my own life has a pyramid shape
And then I chose,
To be the master of this pyramid
The pyramid in inevitable,
And so is my will
I can turn the so called dreams,
Into reality
I can always be
What I've always lived to be





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