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Samson > Survivors > 2 - I Wish I Was the Saddle of a Schoolgirl's Bike

Don't wanna ride in no motorcars
Give me two wheels and an engine
An easy rider seat, high-rise handlebars
‘Cos you only know where I've been
‘Cos I'm rocking and riding
Yes I'm rolling and smoking
And baby, I ain't joking
Riding this bike is like riding you
Makes me move a little faster
You know what I like and the bike does too
But you know that I ain't it's master
I'm helping myself to the open road
Running on my own, laughing on my own
Once out, baby, I'm on my own
Yeah I'm on my own
One hundred miles an hour is my cruising speed
But you know that I can move faster
A thousand cc engine is all I need
Until I meet my disaster




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