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Rammstein > Original Single Kollektion > 1 - Du Riechst So Gut > gb anglický překlad

Insanity is only a narrow bridge, the banks are reason and desire
I’m going after you, the sunlight confuses the mind
A blind child that’s crawling forward because it smells it’s mother
The track is fresh and onto the bridge drips your sweat, your warm blood
I don’t see you, I only smell you and I sense you
A predator that screams with hunger
I scent you for miles
You smell so good, you smell so good
I’m coming after you

You smell so good, I’ll find you
So good, I’m coming after you
You smell so good, I’ll have you shortly
I’ll wait till it is dark
Then I’ll touch your wet skin
Don’t tell on me
Oh don’t you see the bridge is burning
Stop screaming, don’t defend yourself
Because otherwise it breaks apart





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