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Queen > Flash Gordon > 3 - Ming’s Theme (In The Court of Ming The Merciless)

Crowd: Hail, Ming, hail!

Klytus: And now the tributes, from Ardentia
Ardentian Prince: We, the people of Ardentia, we have suffered since you blasted our kingdom. I can offer you nothing this year except my loyalty
Klytus: Excellent, we prize nothing more highly. And tell us, how great is this loyalty to your emperor?
Ardentian Prince: Without measure.
Ming: We are delighted to hear that. Fall on your sword

Ardentian Prince: Death to Ming

Klytus: Who are you?
Flash Gordon: Flash Gordon, quarter back, New York Jets
Dale Arden: Dale Arden, your highness
Ming: Pathetic earthlings, hurling your bodies out into the void. Let us see




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