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Patsy Cline

2005Anytime [Universal Special Products]
2005Duets [Brentwood]
2005Patsy Cline [Legacy]
2005Today, Tomorrow and Forever [Collectables]
2004American Music Legends
2004Lovesick Blues [Delta]
2004The Definitive Collection
2004The Essential First Recordings
2004Timeless Classics [St. Clair]
2004Walkin' After Midnight [Brentwood]
2003Classic Masters [The Right Stuff]
2003Country [Music Mill]
2003I'm Blue Again [Fabulous]
2003Remembering [Direct Source]
2003The Heart of A Legend
2002Love Songs
2001Stop, Look and Listen [Direct Source]
2001That Wonderful Someone [Direct Source]
2000Come on In [Legacy Entertainment]
2000Country Gold: Today and Forever [Direct Source]
2000Good Old Country [St. Clair]
2000Platinum Series [D3 Entertainment]
2000That's How Much I Love You [Mastersound]
2000The Ultimate Collection
2000True Love - A Standards Collection
1999Collection [Madacy]
1999Country Music Hall of Fame 1973 [King Records]
1999Forever Gold [St. Clair]
1999Immortal Patsy Cline [Unison]
1999Patsy Cline Duets, Volume 1
1999Walkin' After Midnight [Flashback]
199920th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection
1998At Her Best [St. Clair]
1998Heartaches [Music Club]
1998Patsy Cline's 4 Star Recordings [Country Stars]
1998The Heart You Break May Be Your Own [St. Clair]
1998Walkin' After Midnight [Delta]
1997Lovesick Blues [Kingfisher]
1997The Essential Patsy Cline
1997Walkin' After Midnight [Rhino Flashback]
1996American Legends [Laserlight]
1996Birth of A Country Legend
1996Forever [Simitar Entertainment Inc.]
1996Patsy Cline, Vol. 2 [Eclipse Music Group]
1996Remembering the Queen of Country [ITC Masters]
1996Sincerely Yours [St. Clair]
1996The Birth of A Star
1996Walking After Midnight [Kingfisher]
1995Dear God (Patsy Cline & Loretta Lynn) [Universal]
1995Hungry for Love [Combo]
1995Just a Closer Walk with Thee (Patsy Cline & Loretta Lynn) [Universal]
1995Loved and Lost Again [Sony Music Special Products]
1995Sings Songs of Love [Laserlight]
1994Classics Collection: Patsy Cline [Curb Records]
1994Loved and Lost [Drive Archive]
1994Patsy Cline
1994The Legendary Patsy Cline, Vol. 2 [Fat Boy]
1993Country Spotlight [Dominion]
1993Don't Ever Leave Me Again
1993In Care of the Blues [Rhino Records]
1993Loved and Lost Again
1993The Legendary Patsy Cline [Platinum Disc]
1993Today, Tomorrow and Forever
1993Today, Tomorrow and Forever Vol. 2
1993Walkin' After Midnight [Rhino]
1992At Her Best [Hollywood (DNA-Rounder)]
1992Forever & Always [Epic]
1991Always [MCA Records]
1991Let the Teardrops Fall [Special Music]
1991More of the Legendary [Pair]
1991Patsy Cline [Laserlight]
1991Walkin' After Midnight [LaserLight]
1989Her First Recordings, Vol. 1: Walkin' Dreams
1989Her First Recordings, Vol. 2: Hungry for Love
1989Her First Recordings, Vol. 3: Rockin' Side
1989Walkin' After Midnight [Compose]
1989Walkin' After Midnight [Country Stars]
1988Commemorative Collection
1988Faded Love
1988The Last Sessions
1988The Legendary Patsy Cline
1987Last Session [MCA]
1986Her Legendary Recordings
1985Heartaches [Universal]
1985Sweet Dreams [MCA]
1982Remembering (Patsy Cline & Jim Reeves) [MCA]
1980Always [MCA]
1976Remembering [MCA]
1973Country Music Hall of Fame [Hilltop]
1969Country Great
1969In Care of the Blues [Hilltop]
1969Songwriter's Tribute
1968Miss Country Music [Hilltop]
1966Stop The World & Let Me Off [Hilltop]
1965Gotta Lot of Rhythm in My Soul [Metro]
1965Here's Patsy Cline
1965I Can't Forget You [Hilltop]
1965Reflections [Everest]
1964A Legend [Everest]
1964A Portrait of Patsy Cline
1964In Memoriam [Everest]
1964That's How My Heartache Begins [Decca]
1964Today, Tomorrow and Forever [Hilltop]
1963The Patsy Cline Story [Decca]
1962Encores [Everest]
1962Sentimentally Yours [Decca]
1961Patsy Cline Showcase [MCA]
1957Patsy Cline [Decca]


2005Gold [MCA Nashville]
200120 Golden Hits [TeeVee]
200025 All-Time Greatest Recordings: The 4-Star Sessions 1955-1960
1997The Best of Patsy Cline [Excelsior]
1996Golden Classics
1996Golden Hits [ITC Masters]
1995Sings More Great Songs of Love [Universal]
1994Golden Classics [Collectables]
1994Late and Great Patsy Cline & Dottie West: 16 Great
1991The Best of Patsy Cline
199120 Golden Pieces of Patsy Cline [Bulldog]
198920 Golden Hits [Deluxe]
198812 Greatest Hits [MCA]
1981Greatest Hits of Jim Reeves & Patsy Cline
1967Patsy Cline's Greatest Hits [Decca]
1962Golden Hits [Everest]


1998The Live Broadcasts
1997Live at the Cimarron Ballroom [MCA]
1989Live at the Opry 2 [MCA]
1989Live, Vol. 2 [Universal]
1988Live at the Opry, Vol. 1

 Patsy Cline

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