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Novembers Doom > Amid Its Hallowed Mirth > 1 - Aurora's Garden

Sipping wine from the grail of vitality I seek the answers. Chosenfew have smelled this nectar And fewer have tasted its erotica Thefocus of my journey Will shine the light of harmony. Lick thedrops of wine that trickle from my lips. Taste its sweetness Foryou are closer to your God And I am a warrior of lost souls. CouldI be the God you seek? No. I am but a lonely man. A fool in theeyes of the infinite. I crave the light of those who drink of mygrail. I get no response. A man with no tongue speaks no truthAlthough, a women's scent speaks a thousand words. Do youunderstand me now? It is I who wallows in Aurora's garden. Youmust leave I now seek tranquility. Can this be found in the armsof you? No. I think not. Smell upon my rose. Its fragrance is of avirgin, pure and sweet. Its petals, soft like skin. Caress it.Enjoy the feeling of life in your fingertips. Hold me close Letour bodies become one. For then we are strong. Fear not, the painwill soon be gone. A life of pleasure now begins. Here in Aurora'sgarden.




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