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Motörhead > Ace Of Spades > 7 - Fire, Fire

Foxy do you have a light?
Can you light me up tonight?
I´d like to see you burn me down,
Why don´t you let me light your fire?
Why don´t you let me stoke you higher?
Fire, Fire! Holocaust,
Fire, Fire! Given up for lost,
Fire, Fire! Strike one, strike two,
Fire, Fire! I´m a match for you

You´re quick to learn,
I love to watch you burn,
Come any time I´ll torch you out,
Only you can create the flame,
Only you can scorch my brain,
Fire, Fire! Conflagration,
Fire, Fire! Hellfire, damnation,
Fire, Fire! Strike six strike eight,
Fire, Fire! I think you´re great

You can´t put me out,
But there ain´t no doubt,
You ain´t nowhere near safe with me,
You ain´t the first to turn me down,
You ain´t the first to turn me round,
Fire, Fire! Big black smoke,
Fire, Fire! Ain´t no joke,
Fire, Fire! Strike nine strike ten,
Fire, Fire! Strike out again




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