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Motörhead > Ace Of Spades > 5 - Fast And Loose

Two o'clock in the morinin', baby
I know it's late, I know it's late
I'm young and I like the night
and I can make you feel all right
I've been around for quite a while
and I've learned how to make you smile

I know you won't refuse
You know I'm fast and loose

Two o'clock in the morinin', sugar
I know you're sleepin', you must be sleepin'
Why don't you invite me in
get yourself some original sin
I'll wake you up and stay in bed
don't get up, get down instead

I don't need no excuse
you like it fast and loose

no remorse

Two o'clock in the morinin', honey
let me in, baby let me in
you know me, you know I'm wired
I'm gonna stop you from feeling tired
I'm coming over and I won't be long
just let me finish writing this song

I'm gonna light your fuse
I know you like it fast and loose

fast and loose.....




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