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Lucy Spraggan > We Are > 10 - Until I've Lived My Life

He's my husband a man,
He's a father with stories he tells,
Of things that he lived through,
And things that he watched die as well,
He said I've fought wars and I've had my day,
I was forced to be strong,
I was taught to be brave and I was,
I saw things that weren't meant to be seen,
I would have lost it all for my country and queen but I'm here,
I took the hand of a mixed race girl,
And she showed me to love yeah she showed me the world,
Now I'm dying
No I can't die,
No I can't die,
Until I've lived my life.

She's a woman a mother a grandma with secrets she kept,
And some of those secrets were the only thing she had left,
She said I saw women in magazines,
I could have known who I could have been yeah that's right.
Cast my hands in those concrete slabs
I just wanted to sing I just wanted to dance every night,
And I had visions and I had dreams
But they weren't the same as my husband and children I know
And I made choices that weren't alright
And I lived my life being someone's wife don't I know,
But I can't die,
No I can't die,
I hope there are smiles in the crowd,
When I'm lowered into the ground,
And the earth, takes me back,
And they'll say I did all I can,
And I'll sleep with no dreams in my mind,
Cause my dreams were so very alive,
But this time,
No I can't die,
Until I've lived my life.




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