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The dream outside is asking
whether the child is in bed yet,
whether he's wrapped in the blankets.

The child is already in bed.
He is lying in the blankets,
but he cannot fall asleep.

Dream, travel to him from outside.
Weave up the the eyelids of the child.
Weave them with your golden yarn.
Dream, appear from above the oven.
Shoot the child on the eyelids.
Shoot him with your drowsy arrow.

Come from the huts of the Underworld.
Come as a silent guide.
Dont you worry, little child.
Leave cares to the one who cares,
worries to the one who worries,
knowledge to the one who knows.
Sleep does not come from outside
in the room of the cautious one.

Dream, mount a ewe and ride.
Dream, travel by a calm sheep.
Let a blue-eyed horse carry you.
Show him the way to the dreamland.
Bring the Invisible a dream.

Dream, appear now from outside.
Come through under the windows.
Bind up the eyelids of the child.
Bind them with your silken bond.
Then the little one fell sleep.
The golden yarn calmed his eyes.





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