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In The Mist Of A Dark Morning

When a day so dark is dawning
it lays a veil over the field.
A frail mist avobe the hazy field
shows those from the land of the dead.

Those spirits that are out of place -
there those glowing ones meander.
They are above the hazy field
in the mist of a dark morning.

Do not get lost under the mist.
The ways of death are not so light.
You hazy girl, Terhenneiti,
do not conceal a little child.

A cold dawn of a hazy life
is in the lap of the field.
There are not any birds awake.
Päivätär does not show the day.
Although the day is now at hand
it's dead silent as if at night.
Do you hear the song of the crane?
That's the song of Terhenneiti.

The hazy veil is fragile
and the sound of mist is gentle.
Ututyttö, the death's bringer -
this hazy girl's the frailest one.





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