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The Predator's Saliva

Osmotar, the father of beer
he walked to the edge of the fields.
The barley had come from Pellonpekko.
Thus the barley was added to beer.

Osmotar he rubbed his hands.
So he rubbed the time after time.
Thus the animals had come to life -
those fetchers of the seasonings.

He got the sap and he got spruce sprouts.
Those he had fetched from the woods.
That's how Osmotar prepared the beer
out of hops and barley.

But the beer would not ferment
The costly ale lies still in place.
That's when the means were found by him -
By Osmotar, the god of beer.

Get the predator's saliva

Then he followed the instructions.
So he fetched the bear's saliva.
It was time for the beer to ferment -
the dark proper beer so fragrant.

Thus a toast was made to Ukko.
Thus the pints of beer were raised.
The holiest drink of them all
which is called the sap of the gods.





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