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Off To The Hunt

Rapids and fields, be merciful.
Oh, Tapio, show me your grace.
Show me the way to the islands.
Let me wander through the woodlands
where the elusive game is,
where I may at last find my prey.

In the traces of Hiisi's moose,
throught the paths of savage deer,
for the hunt I was now chosen
for the pursuit I am leaving.
Through the woods of Tapiola,
by Tapio's huts ad lodges.

Ukko, you supreme creator,
the architect of all we see,
now betow me with decent skis.
Please grant me proper snow-shoes.
They ought to carry me briskly
while I am skiing through these swamps
through the woodlands of Lapland,
by the marshlands and the meadows.

Should rivers appear on the way,
should a creek be laid before you,
then build a bridge out of silk
and make stairs of scarlet color.
Direct the deer through sounds and straits.
Steer them through those streams and waters
through the river of Pohjola,
through enormous frothy rapids.





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