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KMFDM > Hau Ruck > 5 - Real Thing

cracking under pressure violently
chaos eats away the best of me
a former shadow of myself
porcelin doll just an empty shell
bug in amber that can't be reached
chocking on fear that stings like bleach

gimme the real thing gimme the life
give me something deep something straight
like a sharpened knife
gimme the real thing gimme the life
give me a fresh start like a newborn child
gimme the real thing

have no friends i'm always by myself
i can not pacify my shame and doubt
drain them dry and damn them all to hell
i have no controll or any will to stop
everything perfect just melts away
i've got the touch like evil prey
talking pictures in black and white
spitting their venom back at mine

everything old is new again
my only crime burried under cold skin
in the quiet of my tiger's eye
cross my heart and hope to die


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