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Jon Bon Jovi > John Bongiovi: More Music From Power Statation Years > 8 - Maybe Tomorrow

Seems like years since I´ve been home
Living this dream on the endless roads
Faces in the crowd, they stare at me
Yours is the only one I wanted to see
My heart cries out for sympathy
But I need to hold you next to me
And it won´t be long, baby
Maybe tomorrow

These hotel rooms they´re all the same
Only the number on the door will be changed
Lord I gotta do me one more show
Then it´s into the bus and off we go
Should have talked to you
Well I don´t have to try
When I find the music in your eyes
And I´m telling myself that we´ll take that ride, baby
Maybe tomorrow

I should’ve talked to you
Well I don´t got to try
Where I can find the music in your eyes
We´re all blind, two lovers, into the night
Maybe tomorrow
Maybe tomorrow
Maybe tomorrow




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