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Jon Bon Jovi > Destination Anywhere > 9 - Learning How to Fall

I was walking on a wire
Looking down, there was no net
Now, I´m standing at your door
Me and my last cigarette

Yeah we´ve been through this before
Too late to cover up my tracks
Damn the fool who begs for more
I´ll take my past and paint it black

Now the circus has left town
This clown has got to get his feet back on the ground

I´m learning how to fall
Learning how to take a hit
Had to walk before I crawled
It was winner take it all
Now I´m learning how to fall
Yeah, I got the hang of it

I was standing in the light
There were faces all around
I put my gloves up for a fight
One sucker punch and I was down


I was flying through the clouds
Pucker up, it´s time to kiss the ground






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