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Jon Bon Jovi > Destination Anywhere > 2 - Janie, Don´t take your Love to Town

Sitting here just watching you sleep
Wish I could slip inside and be
In some Technicolor dream
But the air´s too thick for one of us to breathe
I´m not fool enough to think
You couldn´t live life without me

I didn´t come this far to throw the towel in
I didn´t fight this hard to walk away
If I ain´t smart enough to say I´m sorry
It´s just because the words got in the way

I remember how it used to be
I was you and you were me
We were more than just the same
Now these shoes don´t fit, my skin´s too tight
When you want a kiss, I take a bite
Let your heart call up the cops, read me my rights

Last night I drank enough to drown
Raise a toast to your good looks and to my health
Look, we both know how much I´ve let you down
Janie don´t you take your love to town

Janie don´t you take your love to town
Janie don´t you take your love to town
If I´ve got to beg, I´ll beg, just don´t walk away
Janie don´t you take your love to town

You deserve a shooter, a saint
Someone to give it to you straight
To find the soul through flesh and bone
My life´s a treasure, full of sunny weather
But it´s left me feeling cold
Now all you want to do is take me home

I hated you, the night you said you loved me
I hated you, ´cause I couldn´t love myself
I´m begging you now, baby please just hold me
I got one foot in, one foot off the ground


Sitting here while you´re fast asleep
In the bathroom by the sink
Trying to write the right words down
I turn out the lights, close my eyes
There ain´t no prayers or kiss goodnight
What I´ll forget to say tomorrow, I´ll say now
Janie don´t you take your love to town






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