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Jon Bon Jovi > Blaze Of Glory > 3 - Blood Money

Hey Patty Garrett that´s what I used to call you
They tell me you want me but I hear they´ve got you
They made you a lawman with a badge made of silver
They paid you some money to sell them my soul

But you say this ain´t about me, this ain´t about you
Or the good and the bad times we´ve both been through
When the lines between brothers and justice have changed
You do what you´ve got to cause you can´t walk away

I wonder what would have happened
If you were the killer
And I was the hero
Would things be the same
Or would I have traded
Your life for my own life
Would I have paid
Your debts in your place


Blood money
That´s what I call it
´Cause money for blood ain´t no fair exchange
Blood money
Bought and then sold you
But your conscience is all you can take to your grave





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