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John Denver > Spirit > 11 - Pegasus

Peaceful valleys, animals and children asking me
Tell the story that you told, of sailors drinking tea
Tell the one about the man who saddled up the wind
Pegasus and flying fish and woodmen made of tin.
A kid knows what he wants to be
Before he's nine or ten
Cowboys, clowns and men of war
And someone else's friend
But nine grows into big boy's pants
And then to scars and pain
Twenty's fast and hard as nails
But doesn't come again.
There's days to fall and days to rise
And days for making haste
Days for seeking out yourself
But no days you can waste
Night times filled with love so good
It aches to rest it down
Endless hallways dark with sleep
And rivers dark with sound
Children climbing on my arms
And pigeons on my head
Get thee up my little man
And dream a dream instead
Dream a dream of rocking chairs
And flying through the night
Then dream until the morning's gone
And turned the dark to light
Then come and get your daddy
If he hasn't blown away
Rock him in your children's hands
And help him find his way
Take him to your hiding place
And let him come inside
He'll never tell your secret
Cross my heart and hope to die.




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