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John Denver > Poems, Prayers and Promises > 6 - Gospel Changes

The Prodigal Son he’d been away awhile
He was working his way back home again over many a ragged mile
When he finally crossed the river
And his Father saw him near
There was a joyful sound
For all the world to hear
I listened to what the Good Book said
And it made good sense to me
Talkin’ ‘bout reapin what you’re sowing
And people trying to be free
Now we got new names and faces this time around
Gospel changes, Lord still goin’ down

Jesus he did not doubt his gift
Though he knew that he had not long to live
He took care of the business of teachin’ us how to fly
Then he bowed his head, and lay down to die

Jerusalem I see you standin’ high
But if you lose your salvation, they’re be no tears left to cry
Now some men worship a golden calf
While others are bought and sold
And if we live like that, brother we pay the toll




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