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Jimi Hendrix > Live at Clark University > 3 - Red House

Ah yeah!
There's a red house over yonder,
That's where my baby stays
Lord, there's a red house over yonder
Lord, there's where my baby stays
I ain't been home to see my baby
In ninty nine and one half days

Wait a minute, something's wrong here
The key won't unlock this door
Wait a minute, something's wrong, lord, have mercy
This key won't unlock this door
Something's goin' on here
I've a bad bad feeling
That my baby don't live here no more
Never mind i still got my guitar

Well, I might as well go back over yonder,
Way back up on the hill
That's something to do
Lord, I might as well go back over yonder
Way back yonder cross the hill
'Cus if my baby don't love me no more...
I know her sister will




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