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Jimi Hendrix > Burning Desire > 3 - Cherokee Mist/Astro Man

The night I was born

Lord the moon turned a fire red

Said the night I was born

Lord the moon turn a fire red

My poor mother cried the gypsy was right

And she fell down ... right down dead

She took me past the outskirts of infinity

Well I..

I made a love to you lil' girl when you'r sleepin

and you felt no pain

I did remember, loved in your dream into that night

and I've seen your smile till stayin'

and I milion miles adventure the way from you that i'm on

Yet, new picture of frame

My arrows are made of desires

From far away as jupiters sulphur mines

My arrows are made of desires

From far away as jupiters sulphur mines

Astro Man, Here I come To save the Day

Anyway i was Waking Up 'n had a dream Just the other day, some Mind turned my mind out of my head and Flew it away, Somebody Pinned a Badge on top of my Chest, Said Get out there Boy and Do your Best

*strange Noises*

I heard they Called me Said the Astroman
Heard im Flying Higher Than
That Old Faggot Super man
Ever could

Called me Astro Man, I'll Give you a hand
I said i'll go out, Blow out the Rest The Rest of your mind

"strange noises"

Astro man Baby, flyin higher Said Astro man, Flying High
Astro Man
Astro will be, Flying Higher

*Guitar solo*


*Solo Over*

Astro Man, You no he's Crazier than, That Ole' Faggot Super man
An he'll try if he can
To blow out the Rest of your Mind, Blow Up the Rest of your mind
I said about piece of mind
Astro Man'll leave you a piece of, He'll be takin Out your Behind
Talkin 'bout pieces

*strange Noises*

Fly Untill you die!




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