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Immer > Separation > 13 - Death Valley (Bloody Tango)

dry and dust, murder heat
rattler and huge sequoia empire
lake "Bad Water" deep in the sea
Satan field and funeral mountain

death man seat and coffin shield
hunters home, people of Timbisha tribe
drinking blood for lack of water
dancing bloody tango on the salt lake

Death Valley / bloody tango

peaks of Sierra Nevada mountain
sand and stone of Mojave Desert
look after calm sleep of Death Valley
keep its bloody offspring on eye

when just an alien goes through
hunters see death man from the seat
uninvited guest will meet certain death
they dance him bloody tango for goodbye

death dancing with devil in the hot valley
the intruders are hunted in the bloody valley

after the dance and copious feast
when whole tribe filled to the brim
exceedingly satisfied falling asleep
letting themselves get bloody dream

new day starts above mountains peaks
hell heat spreads over the valley
only shelter under huge redwood
can stop killing rays

Death Valley / bloody tango




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