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Hilary Duff > Santa Claus Lane > 4 - I Heard Santa On the Radio

On Christmas morning you woke up
To static on the radio
Someone must have turned it on
Who, you didn't know

You got up slowly, sleepy-eyed
To a tune that stationed in
Turned the dial a little while
Then a voice said
"Let the party begin"

Hey, hey, hey and ho, ho, ho
And now it's time
For the jolly DJ show

I heard Santa on the radio
I knew it was Santa on the raido
Mixing up the music like a Santa should
And radio
Radio never sounded so good

He was busy findin', bustin' beats
Makin' it up as he went along
Hip hop, rock, and electronica
St. Nick could do no wrong

Turnin' the rhythm inside out
Till the people shook the house
Pretty soon every creature was dancing
Every boy and girl and every mouse

Hey, hey, hey and ho, ho, ho
Now its time for the jolly DJ show


All the music comes together
All the people just let go
All the world is listenin' to the jolly DJ show
Hey, hey, hey and ho, ho, ho

[chorus 2x]

And radio never sounded so good

Yeah, yeah
Oh ho
Yeah, yeah
Oh ho
Yeah, yeah


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